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Silver Bullet brings the combined strength of a new firm setting its sights on transforming person-to-person politics, and the wisdom that comes from more than twenty years of experience working throughout America’s political system in nearly every state. (See our Partner’s biographies.)

Our specialty: Person-to-Person politics…because politics always is personal.

In an era of Tivo, do-not-call lists, and overstuffed mailboxes be they electronic or at the end of a driveway, delivering a message to voters person-to-person is all the more powerful.

Can’t get your message through to elected officials?
Silver Bullet can “take your issue directly to the voters.”

Policy agenda being blocked by legislative inaction?
Silver Bullet can “take it to the ballot by initiative.”

Opposed to a law or ordinance that passed?
Silver Bullet can “block it through a referendum.”

Does your candidate need help making the ballot?
Silver Bullet can “get them ballot-qualified”

Had enough of an elected official?
Silver Bullet can “take ‘em out through recall.”

How are we different?

First, Silver Bullet is about winning!

The partners of Silver Bullet are involved in politics because it’s a passion. We work only for causes we agree with – we want to make a difference. With Silver Bullet, you are not just a client, you’re our cause. Your success is our success.

Second, Silver Bullet is working to clean up the petition business.

Let’s face it, other firms have been sloppy, have cut corners, and sometimes have flat-out failed to follow the law. That’s why Silver Bullet has a specific Code of Conduct. Every petitioner signs this Code of Conduct prior to gathering signatures. Further, Silver Bullet publishes a firm “Do-Not-Hire” list. Petitioners whose work isn’t up to our standards or who have violated our Code of Conduct will never work for us, or any of our vendors, ever again. And lastly, if we hear of any petitioner violating any part of election law, we’ll encourage law enforcement to prosecut;, we’ll cooperate with any investigation, and if permitted we’ll testify for the prosecution.

Successful petition drives can seem expensive…except when compared to unsuccessful petition drives. Unsuccessful drives not only lose the money spent gathering signatures, but also suffer the loss of opportunity for action and the loss of credibility with donors. Silver Bullet will make your drive successful.