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New Poll finds Clinton and Walker early leaders for Presidential Nomination in Nevada

by: Chuck

Las Vegas – In a survey of Nevada’s likely primary voters, Scott Walker and Hillary Clinton lead all presidential candidates by wide margins. Walker leads the Republican field nearly 3 to 1, with 26% support.  Bush and Cruz each polled at 9%, Rubio and Paul showed 8% support, while Carson was at 7%, Huckabee at 5% and Christie at 1%. A quarter of the respondents were undecided.

Hillary Clinton comfortably leads the Democratic field with 55% support, while 14% chose Elizabeth Warren. Other potential candidates, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, polled at 3% and the rest of the field was at or below 1%. Just under a quarter (22%) of the respondents were undecided.

In the race for US Senate Republicans overwhelmingly prefer Governor Sandoval. Democrats may quickly find themselves in a two candidate race, led by Representative Dina Titus at 44%, followed by former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto at 20%, and no other democratic candidate polled above 5%.

The rest of the Republican field for Senate was led by Mark Hutchison with 10%, followed by Bob Beers (7%), Brian Krolicki (6%) and Adam Laxalt (3%).  In the crowded Republican field respondents were asked for a second preference. Mark Hutchins led with 25% of respondents preferring the Lt. Governor as their second choice, followed by Brian Sandoval (17%), Brian Krolicki (10%), Bob Beers (7%) and Adam Laxalt (6%).

The survey was conducted by Silver Bullet, LLC. ( on Tuesday, April 7th from a random sample of likely primary voters. The top 8 Republican Presidential candidates were listed in order by the average support in recent national polls. You can see the full results of the poll for Republicans here and Democrats here.