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How Hillary matches up with Republican candidates in Nevada

by: Chuck

A recent poll, by dotVOTE ( of 857 likely voters in Nevada, shows that Hillary has some work to do in the Silver State. Nevada, an early presidential primary state, has chosen the eventual president in every election going back to 1976, when Nevada voted for Gerald Ford in a narrow loss to Jimmy Carter.

The early survey has Hillary trailing 5 potential republican nominees. She trails Jeb Bush by 3, Scott Walker (the leading Republican candidate in Nevada) by 6, Marco Rubio by 9, Rand Paul by 5 and Ted Cruz by 5. But, with almost a quarter of all likely voters still undecided, these numbers could move quite a bit over the next year.

The poll was conducted the evening of April 15, by IRV technology from a random sample of voters. Geography, party and gender were weighted into the results to improve accuracy, and respondents were screened based on their intention to vote in the 2016 General Election. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.35%, with a 95% confidence interval.

Nevada Presidential head to head Results.